Thursday, August 27, 2009


So what I plan to do here - and I don't mind telling you - is - I plan to keep my religion private by mixing in as many faiths in my public worship as private - since that is part of where I believe I will ultimately end up - and...


Surprise guys - no free extra years on me for a senate seat I may never hold.

Let the next generation decide your fate through charity.

People That Know

People that know me - and I am given to understand they are the rare few - know a few things. I like making art - I like the arts - I am fairly moderate - I don't drink - don't drug - and up until my recent hospitalization - I did smoke.

Having been an insurance agent for 2 years and working almost none of it - I came to realize some things about how this medicare game is going. They don't want you to die slow because morbidity takes away the valuable organ harvest for the next wave of well to do white boomers.

Generation X was literally that - a write off so that the live forever boomers and flower children could do their best and fight the good fight to the bitter end.

The marketing from Big Tobacco and then the tapering off by Medicare is par for the course in the Sociologists social plan for sanctity.

The Rape Over

One night I was walking the halls of Memorial Medical Center as a patient and I heard a rumor that a staff member had had sex with a male patient. (The patient would have had to have been male - the ward was a male ward). Later that night I saw staff members toying with 3 cell phones leading me to believe only one thing. They were victimizing the subject of the rape / pornographic photos were being transmitted direct to others or the internet. WHY IS THIS IN ANY CASE ANY FORM OF ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR FOR A STAFF PERSON IN A MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY AND WHY IS IT BEING OVERLOOKED?

There can be no justification for this crime. To the already depressed victim - it can be a permanant devastation. In many ways - I believe it to be more vicious than incarceration because the crime creates a repeating wave of mind trauma on the victim.


In Niagara County, all someone has to do is think that you looked at them the wrong way and they can call in a crisis complaint on you. Unfortunately, being 36 and well built and having a unibrow - I can put that fear into some people. What can I say? Have I actually committed a crime by posting these blog entries and forum messages? Who is to say?

I think the whole object of this Shrink game is just to keep people actually sedated, and for the most part it is that a few innocents suffer while the world gets away with bloody murder.

How many times do you hear of Arson - Rape - or Murder from within a Mental Hospital? You don't - because they don't let the word escape with the patients. I am here to tell you that I believe it has happened on American Soil, that it continues to happen, and that it will keep happening unless our health care systems are completely reformed.

Let's set some guidelines shall we...As I write this I work for no one. I am paid by no one - and I stand before you as one of the accused. I am a thought criminal. According to Judge Caruso of the State of New York and the Psychiatrists of the Private Hospital Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center - Rajendran, Ko, Konikachi, and Virginia Finch. I am accused in open court by Dr. Rajendran of acting out in violent sexual ways. We'll clear the air on that one when we get to it. Accused and complicit are two different things.

Here is what Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center fails to recognize regardless of my repeated mentions of these issues. I am a member of UNESCO and UNICEF's mailing list. I have contacted the United Nations regarding questions in the past - as have many other people I am certain, and I consider myself not only a part of an interconnected world but a part of a certain sort of global community of passive web hackers who build websites using their own talents and money to create media.

I would like to claim this as my first direct first hand witness account of UN Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists - mental health workers - their aids - and accomplices in crime - in Western New York. You must keep in mind that I have been being programmed for 4 months according to their performance reviews and rehabilitation programs. Much of what I have experienced will take time to assemble.

Let this preamble to a longer story begin here. #1. No means No. In America - Rape is not an Option. Not of Women, - Not of Men - Not of Anyone. Not of the Sick - Not of the Well - Not of the Paranoid, Not of the Delusional, Not of the Schizophrenic - Rape is a Crime - whether perpetrated by patient, STAFF, Doctor, or Assistant.