Thursday, August 27, 2009

People That Know

People that know me - and I am given to understand they are the rare few - know a few things. I like making art - I like the arts - I am fairly moderate - I don't drink - don't drug - and up until my recent hospitalization - I did smoke.

Having been an insurance agent for 2 years and working almost none of it - I came to realize some things about how this medicare game is going. They don't want you to die slow because morbidity takes away the valuable organ harvest for the next wave of well to do white boomers.

Generation X was literally that - a write off so that the live forever boomers and flower children could do their best and fight the good fight to the bitter end.

The marketing from Big Tobacco and then the tapering off by Medicare is par for the course in the Sociologists social plan for sanctity.

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